How To Identify Fake Escorts And Avoid Scams

Escort business is one of those things where scams can be made easily. The reason is very much evident because the predominant population has a weakness when it comes to having sex. It is one of those things where many people take impulsive decisions, without putting much of thought into it. One of the most popular Birmingham escort agency has told that their name has been used a lot of time without their knowledge and a lot of people have been cheated.

Even in this time when people are aware of a lot of things they get cheated by fake escorts. They easily get money and do not provide any services. In this article, we will see how to identify fake escorts and avoid scams.

Fake ads without a phone number

The most common technique used by fake escorts to cheat people is through fake ads. As people who are mature enough to have sex, we must also be mature enough to find whether the ads are fake or real. There are a few ways through which it can be found. You can see that most of these fake ads will have an only email id and they will not have a contact number. One of the important things that they will target is to get a small initial deposit. The moment the deposit is made you cannot reach them in any way.

Ads that ask credit card information

There are good possibilities that some might have come across these kinds of ads. Asking for your credit card details is the most evident thing that will show that it is an ad from a fake escort. There is no other possible explanation. If they are after your credit card details, they are only after your money. There is no possible way that they are going to respond to you in any way after providing them with your credit card details.

Fake photos in the ads

This is a kind of scam that happens to a lot of people. The person would have seen will be some hot looking chick with an amazing body and would have paid for her services. But an entirely different person will be standing in your doorsteps. If you are so desperate, you can proceed further. To put it is simple words it more like you paying for a Ferrari and getting a Ford Fiesta. It is not that you cannot drive for a Ford, but you paid for a Ferrari. People need to understand that a good looking escort will definitely come at a higher price. If she looks good and if the price is too low there is something fishy about it.

Asking to come to their place

This is one sign which will let you know that they are after your money. In most of the cases, the escorts will either ask you to book a room or else will come to your place. If they are demanding you to come to their place they probably have something else in their minds. Hence it is better to avoid people who are calling to their places.

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